The former 10th Division.

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// So I got in my blog today and realized that my tumblr stopped following seventy people alone, so I have no idea who are these seventy people I’m no longer following. Now I’m trying to understand, but not yet discovered why this happened. 

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"Captain~! Your here~!"




【十】—; “Where else would I be?”


"Oh please Toshi-san. You have been nowhere to be found. I have come to your office 3 times over the last week. Now what have you been up to?"


                   【十】—; “Then you should have stopped trying to find me, plus, i do not see why I have to explain or tell you where I was last week or on any other day.” His voice changed slightly in tone, showing irritation to the name she had just called him. “Don’t address me with an inappropriate name.”

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"Captain~! Your here~!"


【十】—; “Where else would I be?”

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”..I had a nightmare..sorry to disturb you Father.”

【十】—; “Apologies are not necessary since it’s late and I’m already going to my room. You should do the same, toshiki.”

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If I accidentally drop our thread it’s not because I don’t want to play it’s because I’m a horrible roleplayer and 100% scatter brained. Never be afraid to message me to remind me it’s my turn.



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I apologize for being absent the past few days, things have been confused here.

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"Stop being an asshole will you!" she glared viciously. "Here I am, brig nice an wanting to see you and say hi and you dismiss me?!" she said, somewhat hurt. She didn’t need to take his crap. She was livid.


               【十】—; She was clearly furious. He had already seen her angry before, but this time was different. Maybe something he has said that has caused her temperament. That was such a pain. She came to that restricted place, a place where she should not be, because she wanted to say hi? Nonsense.


He remained standing in front of her, hearing what she had to say. A small frown formed on his features as she finished speaking. Her reason to have gone to the soul society was stupid, but he couldn’t help it, beyond respond to her. ”Hi.” He said quickly as he continued to stare at her. That little word was the only sound that came out of his lips.

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